MIDDLETON ACADEMY DANCE - Where we're "MAD" about Dance!
Middleton Academy Dance is committed to the philosophy that excellence in dance is achieved through precise technical training, opportunities for performance, and an atmosphere that is conducive to personal growth and development. These goals are achieved through excellent instruction designed to challenge and inspire dancers to grow both technically and individually on stage and in the dance studio. We hope to impress upon our dancers the importance of growth, improvement, and teamwork in the pursuit of success.
"Art is the possibility of beauty and once a child discovers the beauty they can create; they are empowered to use this new sense of accomplishment and esteem in every aspect of their lives: socially, artistically, recreationally and academically..."
Iris Goode-Middleton
It is this philosophy that fuels Middleton Academy Dance's work with young people. We believe that dance is more than sequential steps set to music but that dance is a vehicle for young people to move toward and realize their greatness.
Our programs provide a cheerful, positive, devlopmentally appropriate, sequential curricular dance environment that gives sound opportunities for students to gain technique, strength, self expression and the confidence necessary to be successful in life.
Downtown Hampton Location: 29 Franklin Street Hampton, VA Downtown Hampton Location: 100 Bridge Street D4 in Hampton, VA
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